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Does Your DJ Pay to Play?

A DJ referral or recommendation is usually based on trust. In an earlier article, I suggested one of the most reliable sources of trustworthy vendor information is a DJ referral from wedding venues. This means that the venue has to trust the people they're...

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Why no DJ lists this in their wedding package

  It doesn't matter what a DJ calls the wedding packages - Gold, Platinum, Slightly Brown. And it doesn't matter what the package costs. There's one thing that just isn't listed. Passion. You can't replicate passion. You can't package passion. You can't teach...

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Find out why wedding video is so important.

Truth be known, I wasn't a fan of using a videographer or cinematographer at my own wedding. In fact it took some convincing, and in the end it was a last minute decision to go ahead and Harold was the last thing we confirmed. That was October 2000. However, it was at...

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What people REALLY think a DJ might do (part 1)

Genuine fears of how a wedding DJ might actually be useless In 2015, I ran a small survey within a group that had never hired a DJ before.  I asked what was the first thing that came to mind when they thought of what a mobile DJ actually was, and what their immediate...

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What songs do you need for your wedding day?

What songs do you need for your wedding day? I'm often asked by couples about which or how many songs they need for their wedding day. I always say that there’s no need to worry about choosing a lot of music for the reception - that's my job after all, right?  I find...

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Which song tops the “DO NOT PLAY” list most?

I recently asked a group of like-minded small business operators what their perception was of DJs at events and weddings.  These are business peers that know nothing about running a DJ company.  What were their assumptions, and if they were hiring a DJ, what was their...

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How to set up wedding LED fairy light curtains

The LED curtains or fairly lights look amazing and transform nearly any wedding reception venue.  However, there's a trap that can actually work against you on the night. Watch this One Minute Wedding Secret to learn how to avoid the problems and have an even better...

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9 things you never thought to ask a Wedding DJ

Do you expect more from a wedding DJ than “just music”? Does your DJ know how to treat your wedding any different to the school disco or pub gig he did the night before? Your DJ should be asking more questions than you, they should be looking for ways to help, and here’s how you can spot good vs great.

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The Business of Weddings (part two)

In Part One of this article, I established that weddings are a personal, intimate occasion.  Having networked or trained internationally with some of the best wedding entertainers in the world, I know it's not uncommon for wedding industry service providers to...

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The business of weddings (part one)

Weddings are a very personal, intimate event.  Dealing with small business operators offering personal service dedicated to weddings is in most cases the perfect way to really connect with your supplier. I've networked with wedding DJ specialists all over the world. ...

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