When it comes to wedding entertainment, there are so many options available that it can be hard to know where to start. Some couples opt for a live band, while others prefer a DJ to spin all the latest hits. But what if you could have both? Here’s why hiring a DJ as well as a band is a great idea for wedding entertainment.

1. The best of both worlds

When you hire a DJ and a band, you get the best of both worlds. You’ll have live music during certain parts of the evening, such as the first dance, but you’ll also have a DJ to keep the party going all night long. This means you’ll have a mix of different styles of music, which will keep all of your guests happy.

2. Flexibility

Having both a DJ and a band gives you more flexibility in terms of the music you can play. If there’s a specific song you want the band to play, they can perform it live. But if there are some songs that you want to hear that the band can’t play, the DJ can step in and play them instead.

3. Energy

Weddings are all about having a good time, and having both a DJ and a band can help to create a truly energetic atmosphere. The live music will bring a special energy to your reception that you just can’t get from a DJ alone.

4. Variety that covers all the bases

Having both a DJ and a band will give you a huge variety of music to choose from. The band can provide live renditions of classic hits, while the DJ can play more contemporary songs. You can also ask the band and DJ to play specific types of music, such as jazz or hip-hop, to cater to all of your guests’ preferences.

5. Non-stop entertainment

With both a DJ and a band, you’ll have non-stop entertainment throughout the entire event. While one is performing, the other can be setting up their equipment, so there won’t be any breaks in the music.


Hiring both a wedding DJ and a band is a great idea for reception entertainment if you can make it work in your budget.  You’ll have the best of both worlds: more flexibility, a high-energy atmosphere, a variety of music, and non-stop entertainment from the moment your first guest arrives.

If you haven’t already chosen a great wedding band, here’s some of my favourites.

Auckland Wedding Bands or Performers

David Shanhun – Probably the best smile on any NZ performer, and an amazing solo act covering 80s to now.

Halo – energetic and charismatic covers band that travels the country for the best parties and celebrations.
www.HaloThe Band.com

Shaun Preston – probably New Zealand’s most energetic solo performer.  Proving the piano is more than just a bunch of keys.

Aaron Bloomfield – crooning performer that puts a touch of nostalgia on the biggest hits, AND licensed celebrant as well!

The Renegades – famous at party pubs and parties all over Auckland and the upper North Island.

Blue Steel – they have the look and sound great.

Catch 22 – these guys have been around forever and know how to make any song sound amazing.
Catch 22

I hope this helps!





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