greatness-aheadHow to hire a wedding DJ

Here are some questions to ask a DJ that you won’t find anywhere else.  There are a million websites that list the questions to ask DJs – these are the tough questions that are often forgotten about.

These questions are only a guide, simple points to consider.  Every bride has different priorities and expectations, and only you can decide what’s important to you when hiring a wedding DJ for your wedding.


There are plenty of sites on the web that list questions to ask any wedding DJ or band.  Here are a few others that I don’t see come up all the time.


Can you meet them?

Are they prepared to meet with you, either at their office, your home, or a public venue like a café?  Email is great but lacks personality.
It’s not until you meet the DJ in person that you can really get to know them.  Will they fit in at your wedding, or will the long hair, jeans and tattoos (or lack of) make your guests uncomfortable?

Will they drink – at all?

This one is really down to your own personal preference.  Perhaps you offer the DJ a glass or beer, and they accept.  Would you offer the same to your limo driver?  What about the bank manager when you’re negotiating a loan for the wedding?  Would you expect the celebrant to be drinking during the ceremony?  After all – that’s when they’re working, and anytime the DJ is playing music, they’re also working.  It’s what you’re paying them for, right?  Only you can decide what the right answer is here, but the key is not to just assume they won’t drink, or that they won’t get drunk.  It does happen – often!

What will they wear?

Maybe it’s just expected that the DJ will dress in a tidy and presentable fashion.  Problem is your interpretation could be different to theirs.  Perhaps jeans and a polo shirt is acceptable in some situations, but if everyone else is in gowns and tuxedos, someone is going to stand out for the wrong reasons.  Make sure you’re on the same page by telling them your expectations clearly.

What will their equipment look like?

You may not have the space they’re expecting.   They may take up more room than you’d expect.  Bigger isn’t necessarily better.

Do they put up signs?

This is a blunt question, and once again only you can decide how important it is to you.  Some DJs feel it necessary to put up a sign or banner over or in front of their set up.  Chances are if a guest likes what they’re doing, they’ll ask for a card.

Will they bring “staff” with them?

Perhaps they use a roadie or assistant.  If so, you need to put some of the earlier questions to them as well.  How will they be dressed, will they drink, are you expected to supply a meal for them, and so on.

When will they set up?

Bringing in equipment through the middle of your reception and setting up in front of your guests is NOT ideal.  If your venue makes it a challenge for a DJ to get appropriate access, question the venue about it.  There are too many ways this can go wrong for the DJ, and if the guests are already there, the DJ has little or no time to “fix stuff” if something isn’t right.

What are some recent venues they’ve worked at?

It’s easy to get references or recommendations from friends or other brides or websites.  However there’s something to be said for the professional opinions offered by venue staff.  They see different DJs on a weekly basis at peak season, and will usually be quite honest and happy to share their observations.

Can you see them at another wedding?

This is a trick question.   If they’re happy to invite you to a stranger’s wedding, perhaps they’ll invite a stranger to yours.


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