The wedding cake is such a simple but symbolic part of your wedding day.  Plenty of guests will take their own photos of the cake either on it’s own or while you’re cutting it.

When it comes to the wedding cake, who is looking after the little details?  In fact, every part of your wedding day has “little details”.  It may not seem important or even obvious at the time, but what memories are your guests capturing for all time with their DIY wedding photography?

Here’s an example of a great wedding cake at a recent wedding in Auckland.  Simple, elegant, classy, and from all accounts incredibly tasty.

Wedding cake

But – guess what guests slightly to my left might have seen….

wedding cake not on fire

Chances are plenty of guests will have a photo from this wedding just like this on their camera or smartphone, complete with a shiny red fire extinguisher for all time.  It’s even more likely that none of the guests noticed it at the time.

And it’s not just the cake!  There are plenty of little details that could be overlooked, such as the dance floor… will it be clean, or covered in scuff marks from a lifetime of stiletto dancing and broken glass?

The professional service providers at your wedding know how to work around these things, but your guests won’t.  Don’t get too bogged down in things beyond your control, but ensure you’re surrounding yourself with the kind of wedding professionals that look after the little details you didn’t even know existed yet.

Who’s looking at the little details at your wedding?  What will guests remember?

I hope this helps!

Nick Logan
Wedding DJ + MC