Wedding MC + DJ

  • Wedding Master of Ceremonies
  • Wedding DJ Service Included
  • Ceremony Audio & Microphones
  • Custom Edited Ceremony Music

Think your MC is qualified because they’re a great public speaker? Worried your uncle or family friend isn’t quite the right choice? Find out why others chose a professional wedding MC. Read More Here


Corporate and Event DJ

  • Corporate event DJ
  • DJ for private party events
  • Uplighting and theme lighting
  • No rap, no heavy metal

Guaranteed service standards, music for grown ups, and the tidiest, most compact sound set up available.

Hire a DJ – Nick Logan DJ


Wedding Tips and Ideas

A collection of and ideas for your wedding day planning.

  • How to choose the first dance
  • How to choose your MC
  • Not-so-obvious questions before hiring a DJ for your wedding
  • Many more from over 400 weddings  

Learn more here

Bose Professional Products

I have such faith in the Bose sound systems I use that I am also an authorised reseller of their professional portable range.

Go to Rich Audio for the best priced Bose pro sound, including the portable S1 Pro, the L1 range and the F1 812 and subwoofer systems.

Get Bose Audio

Two of the most useless words in weddings

It’s completely understandable as to why couples use either of these words – because nobody told them the truth about the Wedding Police.

Ask Me Why Not To Spotify

In a recent article, I discussed some of the reasons why Spotify seems like a good idea for some brides. But of course, it doesn't matter what I think, the fact remains...

How To Choose a DJ That Isn’t Just A Booking Agent

Are you talking to a DJ Company or just a DJ Booking Agency? How can you tell the difference? Does it matter? It’s the Apples vs Oranges of hiring a wedding DJ in New Zealand, and here’s a couple of points to help you choose so you don’t end up with a lemon or banana.

Is Spotify wedding music a BAD idea?

Ever wondered why anyone would suggest Spotify is just as good as a wedding DJ? Ever wondered what professional DJs REALLY think about that advice?

Reasonably Priced? Affordable? Do these actually help you?

“Reasonably Priced” is subjective, relative, and baseless.  “Affordable” means nothing to anyone other than the person paying for it. Neither term will help you find what you really want.

Those “three little words” that mean so much

Some of the most important questions I ask have nothing to do with music or songs or how many lights you’re expecting.

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