I’ve been playing music as a DJ at events and weddings since I was 12 years old.  I wasn’t very good at that age, but that’s when I started learning (and haven’t stopped yet!).

Here are a few things that I’ve learned about weddings along the way:


1.  There’s Always One…

No matter what time you put on the invite, know that at least one guest will arrive at least an hour early, and don’t be surprised if one arrives as you’re walking down the aisle.


2.  And There’s Usually More Than One…

If there is a bar with someone working behind it, some guests will expect alcohol to be served, even before the ceremony.  For some, orange juice is just not on…


3.  Everything Will Happen In The Right Order (just relax!)

Timelines often lead to unnecessary pressure on various parties at many points throughout the day.  Consider a time guideline instead.


4.  Maybe you CAN wear your steel caps, slippers, or jandals

Many guests simply won’t notice your shoes, especially under that cool wedding dress.  May as well wear something comfortable.  Sneakers could even work, even if only for the later part of the day.


5.  “Sorry, I slept in/red lights got me/I was in jail” and other great stories

Guests have been known to skip the ceremony for whatever reason and just head straight to the reception.  You might not even notice!


6.  The hardest part is totally worth it

The ceremony is the hardest part of the day for most couples.  On the bright side, the adrenaline is long lasting which helps you through the speeches and first dance.  On the even brighter side, you’ll be MARRIED at the end of it!!


7.  You’re probably the true expert.  Trust your instincts!

When it comes to knowing what you really want and what’s most important to YOU, you’re the expert!  People who own/run venues often have never seen weddings anywhere else, only the ones at their own location.  Instead of encouraging your ideas and new perspectives, “comfortable” and “familiar” becomes policy.


8.  When you’re outside for photos

During group photos, many guests won’t think to remove sunglasses unless asked to.  Maybe that’s your thing, but maybe you won’t notice until it’s too late.  Most experienced wedding photographers look for this anyway.


9.  Is this something that guests will actually remember?

Those little favours or individual guest gifts often get ignored or left behind when the guests go home.  Even when you put in so much of your time, effort, and budget.  Sorry!


10.  “Is this seat taken?”

Chances are, you may not notice that a guest or two hasn’t turned up at all even though they assured you they would show.  It happens.


11.  …yet the room looks so pretty!

Using fairy lights for the reception?  LED fairy lights are brighter than many imagine.  A wall or curtain of them on the edge of a dance floor can make it feel like it’s daytime.  Many guests won’t dance if it’s too bright.  Read the true story about one bride’s overlit room, and how you can solve this challenge here.


12.  Lionel Richie might have been onto something with that “ceiling” thing

Guests will generally dance in front of where the DJ or band is, especially if it’s carpet. You may not even need to hire a dance floor!


13.  Dress standards aren’t what you might expect

Some guests may not share your understanding as to what is deemed “appropriate formal attire”.  Sadly, some professionals struggle with this as well.


These are just a few observations based on a lifetime of over 500 weddings and events.   Share your wedding with me!

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Nick Logan
Auckland Wedding MC + DJ

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