scared-speech“Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking….”.  Perhaps you’ve heard this used as an opening line to a speech.  Usually used in jest, it’s a reasonably common line, probably picked up from TV and films.

But I’ve heard it used at weddings.  Sure, it is familiar, it might help the presenter feel more at ease for a moment, and the audience generally has a chuckle.


However, if you’re nervous about presenting a wedding speech because you “hate public speaking” here’s an angle that might help.  You’re not speaking in public!  It’s a wedding.  It’s not a public event. Everyone there is either the family or closest friend of the couple.  None of them are judging you, none of them are better than you, none of them are truly any more comfortable at it than you, either.

When it comes time to get up and give a speech at a wedding, remind yourself: it’s NOT public speaking.

Easy, right?


I hope this helps!

Nick Logan
Auckland Wedding DJ and MC