Need to hire a DJ?

Over the years, plenty of articles have been published in wedding magazines in New Zealand and worldwide on the web about how to choose a DJ, or questions to ask a wedding DJ, and more.

Ever been interviewed for a job you really wanted and found the process quite testing?  If entertainment is important to you, then don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions.

Here’s an updated quick guide to finding the right DJ for your wedding, depending on what’s most important to you.

Are they a DJ company, or a booking agent?

“Entertainment booking agencies” isn’t a new concept.  Event companies have been booking “talent” for decades for corporate clients, nightclubs, and promotional events but now it’s becoming more prominent in the wedding service industry.

The bigger the company, and the fewer people running it with actual wedding or DJ experience, the easier it is to miss important details.  Are you working with an agency who may just “find a DJ” for your wedding?

Who are you talking to?

Who are you communicating with?  Will the person on the end of the phone, email, messenger, or at the meeting actually be the DJ?  Have they ever been a DJ?   And does this matter to you?

Check the referral process.

If a wedding venue is referring a specific company, is the venue being PAID for that referral?  Does the DJ company pay to play, effectively bribing your venue to recommend them?

And on the day – who will be the DJ?

Again, the person you meet at a wedding show or on the phone might be a great salesperson or experienced DJ, but who are they sending to your wedding?  What experience do THEY have?  If you’re paying for a premium service, do they guarantee it?

But what if…?  Yes, MISTAKES HAPPEN.

Want to really set some high expectations?  Ask for honesty.  Nobody can guarantee “perfect”, nobody has a flawless track record.  It’s just impossible.  Mistakes happen.   Getting cover to a wedding because the bride got the date wrong is a fun example, although with communication the mistake would have been noticed much earlier than “on the day”.

What processes are in place to reduce the risk of mistakes, especially with a bigger DJ booking agency?

Ask about a true example the DJ has experienced, how it was handled, and what they learned from it.  Then it’s up to you to decide if it’s plausible, excusable, or realistic.

If they claim to have never been part of any mistake at a wedding or corporate event – either they’re a liar, or they just haven’t done many events.  Or are they just a sales manager, and not a DJ at all?

Apples vs Oranges

Possibly the most important thing to consider when hiring a wedding DJ is what is most important to you?  If you’re really after “just music”, then a simple turn-up-press-play DJ from an agency might be more than qualified.  If you’re after someone who is passionate about weddings, wants to share ideas and goes beyond the music, that’s not something a booking agent can package and train and hire on a contract basis.

Big booking agent vs the solo dedicated passionate little guy wedding DJ each has pros and cons, and neither is right or wrong.  As long as you realise there IS a difference and a booking agency is not the same as a DJ, then you know what to ask.


Some need to book the most weddings. 

I prefer to be part of the best weddings working with the right couples.