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I recently asked a group of like-minded small business operators what their perception was of DJs at events and weddings.  These are business peers that know nothing about running a DJ company.  What were their assumptions, and if they were hiring a DJ, what was their biggest fear?

One response really stood out:

That stupid chicken dance song.

When I started DJing in my early teens, I played that song more than a few times but that was 20 years ago!  I’m guessing some DJs still play it based on the fact it comes up time and time again on the “Do Not Play” list of songs , especially at weddings.  Suits me!

In fact the songs or descriptions that come up most often on the DO NOT PLAY list are:

  • Chicken dance (also known as the bird dance)
  • Macarena
  • Gangnam Style (increasingly less popular)
  • “Rap”
  • “Heavy metal”

You can actually buy this t-shirt. Support the cause! (nothing to do with me, just love the shirt!)

I always discuss their definition of rap and/or heavy metal.  Back in the 90s a client told me Venga Boys was rap.  Others might consider Sweet Child of Mine from Guns n Roses a heavy metal song. It doesn’t matter what I think – if it’s their wedding, then they’re right!  I just try to be on the same page as them and it avoids confusion and disappointment.

When it comes to what I play at as a wedding DJ or at a private or corporate party, I just play what works and my personal preferences are irrelevant.  But as for that funky chicken dance, no.  Just no!  It’s one song I’m glad is almost always on that Do Not Play list. In fact at a corporate event some years ago the MC decided to make an impromptu joke about the bird dance and encouraged me to play it.  Awkward!  I don’t even HAVE the track!

Trust me!  If your do not play list features the bird dance, I’m with you on that one.

In fact, I want the t-shirt!


Nick Logan
Auckland DJ Hire