Bands and DJs are quite different, yet our objective is the same: to entertain. So why hire a DJ instead of a band, or vice versa?  What’s the difference between the two? Here’s a couple of unbiased points for either option:

Wedding DJs

  • A DJ will play the song exactly the way you know it like you’re used to hearing it on the radio, on your iPod or Spotify, and plays them non stop.
  • A DJ can get your song with little or virtually no notice, where a band needs to know the lyrics or have to time to learn and rehearse
  • A DJ usually takes less space than a band.  A really good DJ guarantees it.  

Wedding Bands

  • A band brings a whole new energy to your favourite tracks by adding their own personality and style
  • A band can play songs that no DJ could ever get away with and keep the dancefloor full
  • A band has a definite presence, and seeing talented musicians working their craft can become as much part of the show as the songs themselves.

DJ vs band hire for weddings

Bands and DJs want the same thing – a busy dance floor.

Of course, there’s plenty of other things that make a wedding DJ different to a band, and while I could be accused of being just a little bit biased, here’s a couple of things that really stand out:

  • The band takes up more room, because they have more equipment and “staff” than a DJ.
  • The band is often much louder and harder to keep a handle on the volume simply because the members all need to hear each other AND their own instruments.
  • A good band needs all the members to get on together, and keep that up.  If there’s a falling out, or one of the band members moves away, that could be the end of the group.  Will that happen a year or a week before your wedding?
  • ALL bands take breaks – if you’re considering a band, talking to them about what music they supply during their breaks, or see if they work with a good DJ to fill the gaps.
  • The band often expects a meal, and every band I’ve ever worked with usually have a beer or two, or three, each.  And you’re paying them, AND you’re paying the bar tab.

But there’s no denying a really GREAT band creates an entirely different type of party atmosphere compared to a DJ.  Neither situation is better or wrong, just different. Need a GREAT band for a wedding or corporate event?  Talk to Blue Steel – email them here. I hope this helps! Nick Logan Auckland Wedding DJ