Spotify wedding playlists: pros and cons

Spotify has been an option for Kiwi wedding couples for over a decade, yet most DJs will do anything to convince you a “Spotify Wedding playlist” is a guaranteed disaster.  But not this DJ!  There are plenty of great reasons why Spotify instead of a band or DJ might be the right choice.
While Spotify wedding music might not be as simple as you hoped, it’s not ALL bad and certainly doesn’t have to be a negative thing.
As long as you know the risks of a Spotify wedding, then with a bit of careful planning and preparation, it could be everything you need. 
Not every wedding reception is about the party.  Not every wedding reception needs a DJ who can mix well or live musician or cover band. 

Compared to a wedding DJ or band, the Spotify guaranteed positives are:

– Spotify will turn up on time.
– Spotify will be the app you thought you were getting, not a less qualified inexperienced app.
– Spotify won’t get drunk.
– Spotify won’t say embarrassing things on the microphone.
– Spotify won’t play the wrong song and then accuse you of not sending the right song list and then refuse to refund you.
– Spotify won’t hit on your guests.
– Spotify will be dressed appropriately.
– Spotify doesn’t think the party is all about them.
– Spotify won’t just decide to play obscure music you didn’t request, unless you let it.
– Spotify won’t bring their girlfriend and expect you to pay for their dinner and drinks
– Spotify won’t get the date wrong
– Affordable, and reasonably priced.
Of course, this list applies to the majority of professional DJs or bands in New Zealand.  However, there are no restrictions on who can get into the industry or who can market themselves as a professional.  In fact, there are no guidelines, criteria or regulations as to what “professional” even means in the wedding entertainment industry.   
It’s no surprise that many couples just don’t know who to trust and instead rely on Spotify for wedding music instead.

I hope this helps!


Nick Logan
Wedding MC | Event DJ | Nice Guy