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Auckland DJ Hire

Nick Logan, Auckland wedding MC, event and corporate DJ hire. 

Think Again

Think it’s “just music” you’re after? 

Think instead about how music makes you feel

Every song you hear reminds you of something – a place you’ve visited, a time you spent with someone special, or some significant change in your life. 

What will guests remember most about your event?  All your hard work will be forgotten if the guests don’t enjoy the music. Get in touch

Corporate and company entertainment

Corporate entertainment that won’t embarrass your staff, management, or clients.

Music is a big part of a successful event.  Not only can it transform the atmosphere, when done right it controls the direction and helps shape the outcome of the celebration.

But there’s more to it than “just press play”.  The style of music, the tempo, the timing, the version of the song (no questionable lyrics), even the order of the songs makes all the difference.  You can’t replicate this with Spotify or any other music service.

Birthdays and private parties

Add a deserving soundtrack to your greatest celebration.

It’s music for grown-ups, carefully selected hit songs as your party unfolds.

Forget Spotify.  Why give up control over the mood, tempo change, and even the lyrics?  




The difference is passion

Hire me, get me.  You can’t replicate passion.  

It’s my name on the company, and nobody cares about a brand than the owner.  That’s probably a fact, written in law somewhere, surely.

Nick Logan, DJ, MC, Nice Guy, and experience that counts.  I’ve worked in bars, nightclubs, live nationwide radio, countless weddings, private parties, and corporate celebrations all over New Zealand.  I’ve been a DJ on a boat, in a mall, in a theatre, a rooftop, a lounge, a food court, and a bunch of places I’ve probably forgotten about in the two decades I’ve been entertaining.

No other DJ in NZ can offer the same personalised, guaranteed standards:

  • Exclusive “There-in-Person” guarantee.
  • I do not hire staff, so you will not be sent a less experienced DJ that you have never met.
  • First contact to last dance, you deal with Nick Logan, the owner and sole DJ of the company.
  • I will not invite other clients to your event for a “demo”.
  • I will not transfer or “sell” your entertainment to another DJ company.
  • I will be set up at the specified time, and start on time.
  • I only use professional equipment.
  • I will be dressed in a suit and tie.
  • I do not drink alcohol or smoke.
  • I do not stop for a break.
  • You will be in control of the volume – if it’s too loud, I turn it down.