Weddings are a very personal, intimate event.  Dealing with small business operators offering personal service dedicated to weddings is in most cases the perfect way to really connect with your supplier.

I’ve networked with wedding DJ specialists all over the world.  I’ve trained with some, I’ve been trained by others.  Shared ideas, perspectives, and motivation.

With a few outstanding exceptions, one major challenge stays the same with most DJs worldwide:

We are much better at entertaining than running a business.

The same applies to anyone in weddings – photographers, florists, hair and makeup stylists, transport, maybe even venues.  There’s a lot that can be said about this subject, so I’ve split this article into a short and long version. The short version ends here with a closing question as food for thought:

Which is better for your wedding on the day: A talented, passionate wedding industry professional?  Or – a really good businessman?


And the long version of the article continues – click here for Part Two

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Wedding business small vs big