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wedding MC and DJ hire

What does a wedding DJ actually do?

What Does a Wedding MC Actually Do?

Most couples know they need an MC, but many don’t know exactly why or what the MC should do at the wedding or how to choose the right person for the job.

The most common misconception about how to choose a Wedding MC is that they need to be good at public speaking.  While confidence helps, being a great speaker is no help if the MC doesn’t know what to say or when. The role of the Wedding MC is simply to ensure guests know what’s happening next, and where, and when.  Your Wedding MC  does not need to tell jokes, does not need to tell stories about you, and does not need to know all of the guests. Get in touch to discuss your wedding day plans and ideas now

Why Use  A Professional MC?

Couples choose me because they want all of their guests to be able to relax and enjoy themselves.  If the MC is also a guest, they’re torn between trying to “make announcements”, and having fun with friends and family.  It’s not easy to do both, having to constantly watch the clock to ensure the timeline is working, while catching up with friends and family.  There’s also the risk that because they know you, they’ll feel obligated to share stories that are best left untold at your wedding.

As your Wedding Master of Ceremonies and appropriate preparation, I can take ownership of your timeline.  I liaise with your other professionals such as the videographer and photographer, the catering and venue staff so everything happens in sync according to your plans. Get in touch to discuss your wedding day plans and ideas now

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