I was at a venue open day chatting with a bride and her family, and the inevitable questions about price came up. We had a brief chat, and long story short, she told me the expected price was $400 to $600 for a DJ.

I think I laughed. I didn’t mean to, but I think they noticed.

She told me that’s what “forums” told her.  I’m guessing that’s wedding forums, Facebook wedding groups, and friends who have never hired a passionate wedding professional.

I paused. Then I told her “my typical full day rate is around $2500 – ask me why”.  I don’t normally just give a price without knowing more about what she really needed and what was most important to her, but it went well from there.  After just a brief chat for a few minutes, we covered a range of things she hadn’t considered. And that’s not her fault, all she knew was what she knew.  She only knew that much based on those forums and the few weddings she’d actually attended.  This is very important, a point that many in the wedding service industry forget – it’s not a bride or groom’s responsibility to know how the industry works and what questions to ask, WE exist to help THEM.  Right?

I explained that the forums or Facebook groups were probably basing the info on a typical DJ/bride conversation:

  1. questionsThe bride will ask how much for 4 hours because that’s what all the DJs offered.
  2. Ask the DJ why he offers 4 hours, he will say it’s because that’s all the brides ask for.
  3. It’s not until later that a DJ might find out the bride hired sound for the ceremony or uplighting or microphones, even though the DJ could have helped.
  4. But of course, he didn’t ask because she only asked about 4 hours.
  5. And she only asked about 4 hours because that’s what forums/groups suggested, based on the fact that’s what DJs offered.


When a Facebook group or some magazine expert says a DJ was “good”, are they comparing that to the other two or three times they’ve ever seen a DJ at a wedding?  And who’s to say those DJs didn’t just do what every other DJ does because (once again) “that’s what the bride asked for”?

Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk with some wedding DJs.  Many will be happy to share ideas and discuss what it is they do differently, others will say what everyone else says.  Talk to enough and a few will quickly stand out for one reason or another.  Some will ask as many questions as you do, if not more than you.  Some will just be super keen to know what’s most important to you about your wedding day.  And some will listen.

I’m listening. 

I hope this helps!  Get in touch here!



Nick LoganAuckland Wedding DJ