When I meet with couples to discuss their wedding day plans and ideas, there are two questions that I’m always asking.

One of the questions consists of those three little words that are so important:

“And Then What?”

Why are those words so special?  I provide a wedding entertainment service that is more than just music, more than just press play.  At every wedding I’m part of, even if I’m not the Master of Ceremonies, then I’m supporting your chosen MC.

Those three little words help make all the parts of the wedding ceremony and reception come together.  A timeline (or wedding time guideline – see item #3 in this article) without planning the smaller details can become just a series of stops and starts.  Without proper planning, there’s no smooth transition from one stop to the next start.

The other question is:


I can’t really go into the real meaning for it or reason behind the question here, so we’ll just have to talk about your own wedding to learn more about the “Why?” when we meet.

What I can tell you is that there’s a right way to ask “Why?”, and a great reason for asking “Why?”.   It isn’t part of any Wedding DJ Package, it has nothing to do with the number of hours I’m there or how many lights or speakers I bring.

I ask “Why?” because I care.  Because it matters.  Because it’s important.

What’s with the “Why?”.  Let’s talk!


Nick Logan
Wedding MC | Event DJ | Nice Guy