Here are a couple of ideas that might help you put the finishing touches on your wedding ceremony planning.


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1. Processional Music: Guests won’t really care what your processional song is.  Sure, an “anti-love song” might seem odd, but as long as it’s not full of obscenities, nobody is going to be so offended that they have to leave.  10 minutes later, they’ll remember how you looked, not the song.  But you’ll remember it as being special – forever.

2.  Swap sides: Have the groom’s parents sitting on the side you will stand on, and vice versa.  This way, your parents see the grooms back, but your face.  And in turn, his parents see HIS face.

3.  Signing the register: Often officiants underestimate how long this takes.  Be sure you have at least 8 minutes of music ready, even though it might only take 4 or 5 minutes.  Better to fade into a second song rather than silence, isn’t it?

4.  Recessional song: Just my opinion, but why not make this uptempo, something with energy, fun and celebratory?  Also, have the song start from the hook or chorus or punch, rather than a slower less energetic beginning.

5.  Help the guests help you: Have someone coach the two front rows, or address the entire audience before the ceremony begins before you arrive.  Make sure they know what to do at the end of the ceremony.  Are they standing and following you up the aisle?  Or do they come to you at the “altar” and congratulate you there?  Eliminate the awkward pauses and those “what do we do now?” moments with this little, quick step early on.

I hope this helps!

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Nick Logan
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