It doesn’t matter what a DJ calls the wedding packages – Gold, Platinum, Slightly Brown.

And it doesn’t matter what the package costs.

There’s one thing that just isn’t listed.


  • You can’t replicate passion.
  • You can’t package passion.
  • You can’t teach passion.
  • You can’t hire passion.
  • You can’t buy passion.


This thank you note from Aaron and Kellie reminds me how much I love what I do, and why there’s much more to it than “just music”.

Their comment about the first dance had nothing to with the song I played, and everything to do with passion for what I do and why.  Also, listening and hearing played a huge part in the initial pre-wedding preparation on this one too.

Their wedding was October 21, 2006. I still remember how special that dance was, how much went into making it happen, and how easily it might not have happened at all.

11 years later I am reminded how different it could have been for them and they wouldn’t have even known what they missed out on.

And in case it looks like this is me blowing my own trumpet, it’s not – because as much as I say that great wedding entertainment is more than just music, all I did was play a song.

I really can’t explain here how and why this note and the story behind it is so important to me, but I’d love to talk about the “why” if you do.  Get in touch!